Music Monday: Takeover

When Willie Nelson covers your song, it becomes his. Sorry, Eddie. Paul Simon already knew.


In Closing: want; poor babies; history lesson; definitions; dumb questions; biometric database; maybe salt isn’t the devil; reasons; files; and just for fun, how many people have your name. There’s another Bridget Magnus in Canada, but I’m apparently unique in the US.

Music Monday: Veteran’s Day

Okay, I’m not that into country music, but I got me a soft spot for Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.

Veteran’s Day was originally Armistice Day, and it was about the end of The Great War — what we would eventually call World War I. Once there was a second great war, we started calling the day Veteran’s Day. Now, few vets of those days remain with us. Even the Boomers who fought in the Vietnam war are getting Social Security checks.

So most Americans will celebrate the day off of work not with remembrances, but with low, low sale prices.