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Music Monday: Happy Columbus Day

Published on October 13, 2014 By bmagnus

It’s just not a patriotic holiday without Stan Freberg. A couple years ago I posted a version of his thoughts on Columbus. Perhaps you prefer this take on the events:

Music Monday: Only a Few Shopping Days Left

Published on December 17, 2012 By bmagnus

In Closing: Privacy and Scandal; let’s hope; now that’s an idea.

Happy Thanksgiving

Published on November 19, 2012 By bmagnus

  In Closing: That would be bad; Googlegator; Japan Crush; Rolling Jubilee gets more press; the last cooler than average month was during the Reagan Administration (maybe hell froze over when he compromised with Democrats or raised taxes?); Lost Decade, American Style; Forbes and USA Today disagree on the buyer, but agree that somebody will […]

Music Monday: Columbus Day

Published on October 8, 2012 By bmagnus
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