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I’d Bet a Dimon It

Published on June 9, 2011 By bmagnus

Oh Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. Me thinks thou dost protest too much. JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon was actually able to say with a straight face that the reason the economy has stalled is too much banking regulation. Somebody pass the man a fire extinguisher; his pants are surely ablaze. Fed officials “dispute” it. Heck, […]

The Last Straw: Google Found It.

Published on February 13, 2010 By bmagnus

This week, you may have heard that Google introduced something called Buzz. If you are a Gmail user, you are probably signed up without even knowing it. Before we go any further, a bit of background. I started being a dedicated Google user in 2000, when I was working as a research analyst for a […]

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