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The Good, the Bad, and the Habitual

Published on January 9, 2015 By bmagnus

Today’s question: Do you think you have more good habits or bad habits? I thought about going a little zen on this question and simply saying “yes.” I have good habits, I have bad habits, I don’t know that I ever bothered comparing the two. I suppose I’d like to think I have more good […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Published on November 19, 2012 By bmagnus

  In Closing: That would be bad; Googlegator; Japan Crush; Rolling Jubilee gets more press; the last cooler than average month was during the Reagan Administration (maybe hell froze over when he compromised with Democrats or raised taxes?); Lost Decade, American Style; Forbes and USA Today disagree on the buyer, but agree that somebody will […]

Stupid Government Tricks

Published on January 29, 2011 By bmagnus

It’s hard to know where to begin. Yesterday, Joe Biden announced the White House’s attempt to slam the barn door after the horse is gone. Or rather, “try again” to end tax cuts for the rich. Mr. Obama already had that opportunity: it’s called a veto. Let’s not forget Joe LIEberman and the so-called “Internet […]

Shorties Carpenter’s The Thing

Published on December 14, 2010 By bmagnus

Medical Breakthrough: 2 Hour tuberculosis test. Imagine being able to treat people now without risking that you’re treating something non-existent, and without waiting months to be sure. When the Cows Come Home: Quite literally. I owned one once: Bungalows. On the President and the Economy: ‘Nuff said. Maybe we could use some good old fashioned […]

Senate Republicans Acting Like Toddlers

Published on July 27, 2010 By bmagnus

Or, Senate Decides its Just Fine to be a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Fortune 500 and Special Interests. Seriously. The Senate voted 57 to 41 on largely party lines to defeat what Harry Reid called “a bill whose principles both parties once supported and that 9 in 10 Americans want us to pass,” despite […]

Nevada Firestorm

Published on July 1, 2010 By bmagnus

And no, I’m not talking about the two multi-acre blazes within 4o miles of Las Vegas. Well, the internet has been all abuzz over the latest from Sharron Angle. Everybody and their dog has already had something to say about her latest interview, including the guy who interviewed her. No wonder she does so few […]

The Internet Ate My Homework

Published on June 24, 2010 By bmagnus

In the last 24 hours I have switched cell phones and had my RSS reader suddenly stop working. As a result, I’ve spent much of the last day digging out and trying to organize things — and that’s no easy task. So as much as I would like to write something deeper, I’ll be talking […]

Candidates “R” Us

Published on June 10, 2010 By bmagnus

Today I’ll be doing a little follow up on Tuesday’s Nevada Primaries, specifically the Republican nominees. If you aren’t curious about who Harry Reid is running against, scroll down to In Closing. Harry Reid will be running against Sharron Angle, who has been endorsed by at least one “tea party” group. But it seems that […]

Shorties of Riddick

Published on February 26, 2010 By bmagnus

Let’s start off with the Health Insurance Reform bits: Many thanks to Florinda for noticing this item, the story of the mom who was the only person in the whole Emergency Department with health insurance. However, don’t think that mandatory health insurance would have changed that. And here’s a moving piece on health care — […]

The Water Bottle Saga

Published on February 9, 2010 By bmagnus

Last summer, we made some changes in our exercise routine, such that for the first time it made sense to actually consume some sort of “recovery drink.” A simple glass of water — or refilling one of those water bottles you get at the convenience store — was no longer going to cut it. My […]

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