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Keep It Simple, Silly.

Published on July 16, 2014 By bmagnus

Alright, so apparently it took tens of thousands of kids showing up all alone in our country, having traveled thousands of miles through incredible obstacles to get us to collectively pay attention to immigration policy for more than 5 minutes. There’s screaming on both sides: they’re kids, many of them little, and they need our […]

Happy Blogiversary, Judicial Edition

Published on June 25, 2014 By bmagnus

So, I’ve been at this 11 years. My second post was about the new Supreme Court rulings of the day, and as such, it’s only fair to bring you a breath of fresh air from the Supremes: the cops can’t just go browsing through your cell phone, even if you’ve just been arrested. In another […]

NSA: Going Away or Here to Stay?

Published on January 17, 2014 By bmagnus

Ok, so the President made his big presentation on NSA reforms today. For your convenience, here’s the actual transcript of what he said. If that’s too wordy for you, here’s a summary with commentary, and the EFF kindly provides a short version. Today I have just a little round-up of what people are saying. And what better […]

Music Monday: Billie Jean

Published on January 13, 2014 By bmagnus

Perhaps the essence of a play in 3-5 minutes is Billie Jean. Paired with an iconic video, it solidified Michael Jackson as an adult pop singer whose color did not matter. And it turns out there was just as much drama in the recording studio as in the actual song:   Oh, one more thing. […]

Music Monday: Christmastime in the City

Published on December 16, 2013 By bmagnus

  In Closing: NSA? Sure, I got your random links right here (and why exactly would Snowden take a deal that forces him to shut up?); Muslims; I’m not sure how equal wages equals abortion but then I’m sane; let’s hear it for statistics; friendship; race card; Keystone XL is not only a bad idea, it’s unnecessary; […]

The NSA Scandal is a Gift that keeps on Giving

Published on December 13, 2013 By bmagnus

So, let’s get started. No particular order here. The NSA is apparently tracking a lot of information about where people are based on their cell phones. I’m not sure whether this makes it better or worse, but this appears to be a big deal overseas, where Bad Guys might want to follow American spies “case […]

Music Monday: The Old Apartment

Published on November 25, 2013 By bmagnus

  Last week I noticed a banner up at an apartment complex reading “Free Turkey.” I thought it was a fine idea. A turkey is a whole lot cheaper than giving $50 off a month’s rent. Further, this can be used as a retention tool for current residents. Give a turkey in exchange for a […]

What does Google know about me?

Published on November 14, 2013 By bmagnus

I’ve been using Google well over a decade now. That’s how I learned that someone skilled and diligent can find out a surprising amount of information about almost anybody. Google therefore has a detailed history of my searches for as long as they actually keep data. This data is potentially available to law enforcement — […]

Shhh, Ancient American Secret!

Published on November 3, 2013 By bmagnus

  On one hand, enough it known about “America’s Secret Agencies” to devote a special issue of Time to the topic. On the other hand, enough Americans want to know what the heck is going on that this can be at the checkout stand right next to cover stories about the Kardashians and Prince George. […]

A Scary Halloween Story

Published on October 31, 2013 By bmagnus

You thought it was your imagination, but no. It’s true. They Are Watching You! Look out! “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” In Closing: enjoying the view; don’t forget that Yellowstone is essentially a giant, flat volcano; organized crime; family tree; I’m willing to take it as a police failure that Target […]