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Music Monday on a Wednesday: Merry Christmas.

Published on December 25, 2013 By bmagnus

That is all.

Music Monday on a Tuesday: Feliz Navidad!

Published on December 24, 2013 By bmagnus

  If this song doesn’t make you smile, there may well be something wrong with you. Keep an eye out for both Santa and his cousin, Pancho Claus tonight!

Music Monday: Come!

Published on December 23, 2013 By bmagnus

  In Closing: yes yes yes, of course I’ll serve up more NSA, privacy, and Ed Snowden links, you can count on me!; RIP Kalashnikov; ancient super-volcanoes; he’s got the right to say stupid, hateful shit and I’ve got the right to continue ignoring him; nice doggies, bad handlers; not sure why people think they […]

Music Monday: Christmastime in the City

Published on December 16, 2013 By bmagnus

  In Closing: NSA? Sure, I got your random links right here (and why exactly would Snowden take a deal that forces him to shut up?); Muslims; I’m not sure how equal wages equals abortion but then I’m sane; let’s hear it for statistics; friendship; race card; Keystone XL is not only a bad idea, it’s unnecessary; […]

Music Monday: Yes. Yes it is.

Published on December 9, 2013 By bmagnus

  In Closing: Yes, the rent is high; yes, drugs are bad for you; huh, that’s funny; spying on us isn’t just for the NSA anymore; no excuses; be on the lookout; and let’s hear it for Vermont, a place colder than Vegas right now.

Music Monday: The Old Apartment

Published on November 25, 2013 By bmagnus

  Last week I noticed a banner up at an apartment complex reading “Free Turkey.” I thought it was a fine idea. A turkey is a whole lot cheaper than giving $50 off a month’s rent. Further, this can be used as a retention tool for current residents. Give a turkey in exchange for a […]

Music Monday: Veteran’s Day

Published on November 11, 2013 By bmagnus

Okay, I’m not that into country music, but I got me a soft spot for Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. Veteran’s Day was originally Armistice Day, and it was about the end of The Great War — what we would eventually call World War I. Once there was a second great war, we started calling […]

Music Monday: Pinching Pennies

Published on September 30, 2013 By bmagnus

Before me in line at a suburban Super Wal-Mart was a woman, somewhere around 30 by my best guess, and her son, who I supposed might have been ten. In a nation where 2 out of 3 people are overweight, they were skinny. Their clothes were clean and in keeping with the unspoken dress code […]

Music Monday: Yoga Girl

Published on September 23, 2013 By bmagnus

Instructor in my Anusara class snuck this into the mix a few weeks ago. Enjoy.

Music Monday: New Classics

Published on September 9, 2013 By bmagnus

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dave Brubeck: In Closing: A little more Syria action action action with a side order of potential bribery; a pinch of NSA for flavor; and more on crappy jobs created.