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Maybe I Need One More Habit

Published on January 22, 2015 By bmagnus

California wants to use more facial recognition to solve crimes. Never mind that this is a not-ready-for-prime-time technology, and even license plate readers make mistakes (and come on, there’s only 36 choices per character!). Heck, today I learned first hand that the system used by the Nevada DMV can be stymied by glasses vs. no […]

Take a deep breath

Published on December 15, 2012 By bmagnus

Yesterday, two terrible things happened. In Connecticut, a nutcase broke into an elementary school and killed over 20 people — most of them little kids — with guns. In China, a nutcase walked into an elementary school and injured over 20 people — most of them little kids — with a knife. Disclaimer: I do not […]

The Shorties Inside

Published on September 9, 2012 By bmagnus

Japanfilter: Mt Fuji is at risk of eruption. Expect Republicans to call for NASA spending cuts in 3…2…1….: NASA explains the last decade. A few items on Employment, Unemployment, and Job Growth: Why have millions of Americans given up looking for work? Why mostly young people? How many jobs do we need to create each month to keep […]

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