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People Throw Away the Strangest Things!

Published on July 22, 2015 By bmagnus

For example, what appears to be a perfectly good spiral staircase:   I’d wonder how they are getting upstairs, except that’s a single story home! So why exactly do they have a staircase to throw away?

Voucher Detente

Published on July 18, 2015 By bmagnus

So, recently the State of Nevada passed a law allowing vouchers for parents to send their Special Snowflakes to private school on the public’s money. I have long been opposed to school vouchers for several reasons and if you’re curious, you can read about them here and here. But it turns out that the Nevada […]

Joan of Arc

Published on July 15, 2015 By bmagnus

Oddly enough, this statue of her stands in Downtown Las Vegas near the Fremont Street Experience.   No, Joan was not married to Noah.

Careful on that ramp….

Published on July 8, 2015 By bmagnus

This ramp goes clear out to a busy street!

Music Monday: Fun in the Sun

Published on June 15, 2015 By bmagnus

In Closing: Common sense; cat guide; some random Vegas and Nevada stuff; speaking of Vegas; Hillary; and stay dead!

The Atticus Shorties

Published on April 5, 2015 By bmagnus

Indiana: Taken to absurdity (as if it weren’t already there). Won’t Somebody Think of the Children: testing, 1, 2, 3…. Things People Say: to women. I bet I know a way to create some jobs: repair some bridges. Sobering Statistic: On average, 3 people were killed every day in March — by police. Aw, you know I […]

I’m going to say this again

Published on March 29, 2015 By bmagnus

One more time, nice and slow, since some people don’t get it. Never put anything online that you wouldn’t read out loud or show to your mother, your boss, and a judge. And, let me add, that includes video. In Closing: making us less safe; still true; liberal news media; the Slammer; yoga and more yoga; […]

What a Perfect Spot for a Picnic!

Published on February 25, 2015 By bmagnus

Don’t mind the rattlesnakes, they don’t like sandwiches. In Closing:  A little NSA and government spying stuff; a little education stuff; a little health and fitness and diet stuff; a little women’s issues stuff; a little historical stuff.

Music Monday: Time to Party

Published on December 29, 2014 By bmagnus

Vegas is apparently one of the top destinations to ring in the New Year. This year, however, we have a chance at 3 inches of snow! In Closing: Some NSA and CIA stuff; um yeah, what were you saying about how secure biometrics are?; plastic diamonds; on income and wealth inequality; fallacies; Dave is the only guy out […]

Music Monday: Oooh Shiny

Published on November 10, 2014 By bmagnus

  In Closing: a few words on the disconnect between the economy as you know it and the economy as some others know it; banned in Vegas; a few words on the elections and what it means going forward (thanks, Doctor); walk in, walk out; she’s not pink, but she’s still blonde; showing up is […]

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