Just a little JEB! Roundup.

So everybody knows now that JEB! Bush has said some, ahem, ill advised things about worker productivity, right? By now pretty much everybody who isn’t huddled up on the far ultraright end of the spectrum with Donald Trump’s hair has weighed in. Here’s an economist, twice, a CNBC commentator (you know, where people talk about business?), a Moderate, and more smart people. By morning, there are likely to be more people saying similar things.

Of course I guess it doesn’t really much matter which party your Wall Street lackeys belong to.

In Closing: Pow Pao!; evidence that we mostly need better enforcement of gun laws; rich people habits you can (mostly) do too; the IRS will never ever call you to say you owe money; Sure they did (and I totally thwarted 3 tiger attacks last weekend — hey, you didn’t hear about any tiger attacks in Vegas last weekend, now did you??); trade deficit; “lemme take a selfie“; bad charting; Disney Princes.

I Don’t Know Where to Start

Alright, so we had an interesting local news story. Most of the news stories were based heavily on what was in the local paper:

A North Las Vegas man was arrested last week after being accused of posing as a doctor, sedating victims and then [sexually] assaulting them when they were unconscious.

Now, that’s bad enough. He claimed to be licensed in Mexico and that’s “good enough,” right? Sure, blame good old fashioned medical board bureaucracy for keeping this “licensed professional” down.

Worse than this: known victims do include grown women and a 5 year old boy. What. The. Eff. This is wrong on so many levels I can’t even speculate. I haven’t the faintest idea what was allegedly done to this poor child nor why nor even how it was discovered. And just think, these are the known victims. The police are pretty sure there are unknown unknowns victims too.

But to me here’s the kicker. These crimes happened in the “doctor’s” home. These patients were so desperate for inexpensive medical care that they were not only willing to overlook his unusual licensing (assuming they did know enough to ask), but they were willing to go to a “clinic” run out of some guy’s living room.

The days of the old country doc seeing patients in a spare room were over decades ago, except in our underground economy. In the other economy, anybody can buy a white coat, start a “clinic,” and potentially assault, disfigure, or otherwise injure their patients. Sometimes, they even kill them.

And that’s why we need universal health insurance instead of mandatory health insurance.

In Closing: two new blood types; Jeb sounding almost reasonable; and just say no to police searches.

The Shorties Exorcism

Where Have You Been?: Playing Black Ops. CODBO or BLOPS if you prefer. No zombies.

Daddy Says So, and That’s That!: Jeb is not running for President in 2012. Even though Daddy admits that “he’s a good man, he performed as governor, he’s well-spoken, he’s not an extremist, he’s not a wild guy that attributes bad motives to those that disagree with him, and he’s good. And people that know him and hear him say the same thing.” In other words, all the stuff Dubya isn’t.

Totally Silly Acronym: It turns out that TSA screeners don’t like to touch your junk either. Mostly. But even though nobody finds the current system acceptable, the Boss says it’s not changing. Now, one thing that surprised me being trapped at an unexpected layover in Tucson is that the color-coded alerts are still in effect (“orange,” if you were wondering). Well, maybe not for long. Oh, and Ms. Napolitano thinks that nudie scanners should be installed for other mass transit as well! Way to kill any hope of relieving traffic congestion! The idea is that “terrorists are looking for vulnerabilities.” Then I got news for you, the mall is the next target. It’s soft, it’s easy to get in and out, and it’s full of people who aren’t thinking of security beyond “where’s my wallet”.

“What About My Options?”: Sharron Angle thinks she has political options. My neighbors think otherwise:

Lying With Statistics: Oh No! The Regulations!! They’re choking small businesses! Ok maybe not.

Ded body, snding pix: 911 may get upgrades allowing them to receive text messages and even video of emergencies in progress.

Meditation for Healthy Cells: Could be!

The Truth: Just Do It.

Think beyond the Infomercial: Tony Horton is.

Live From Sesame Street, It’s Saturday Night!:

That’s all folks. Happy Thanksgiving.