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Paranormal Activities: The Marked Shorties

Published on March 1, 2014 By bmagnus

Happy March! Let’s get started…. Student Loans: Officially dragging down the economy. I think I have a way to increase consumer spending: This is crazy talk I know, but if the minimum wage were higher, people who make minimum wage could afford to buy stuff. And the Supreme Court makes it worse: Now the government […]

Shorties’ Due

Published on January 28, 2014 By bmagnus

Enjoy some pre-SOTU appetizers. Keeping an eye on us all: So, here’s the latest links on the NSA, privacy, spying, Snowden, the legality of anything the NSA is up to, and related issues. This just keeps getting messier. No, the fact that it’s cold outside does not prove that global warming is a hoax: seriously, people. […]

An apology and explanation, of sorts

Published on December 31, 2013 By bmagnus

A few weeks ago, I needed to buy cat food and cat litter. I was in a little bit of a hurry that particular day, so when I found there were no carts inside the pet supply store, I did not return to the parking lot to search for one. I casually picked up a […]

Island of Lost Shorties

Published on September 13, 2013 By bmagnus

  The Tall Shop? Boy are they barking up the wrong tree! Anyway, Shorties. Let’s not forget about these guys: FISA, NSA, privacy, cracked crypto, due process, hearings designed to make the people feel all warm and fussy fuzzy (sometimes typos are funny) about something being done even though nobody in a position of authority is even […]

I think I have a better idea….

Published on November 28, 2012 By bmagnus

So Clark County School District — the 5th largest school district in the nation — has a “successful” pilot of a program to keep track of students on school busses. Parents can theoretically find out whether their kids got on the bus, and where the bus is. Roughly 700 of the 110,000 students who daily […]

Kitchen Tasks that Sound Hard but Aren’t

Published on May 17, 2012 By bmagnus

When I got out of college, I wasn’t much of a cook. Most of what I made wasn’t awful, but much of it wasn’t good either. Still, I never bought those Hamburger Helper type products, and I have gradually stopped using most processed foods. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot. Here are some things that […]

Red Riding Shorties

Published on June 17, 2011 By bmagnus

In other news, sky blue, water wet: The cable industry recognizes that poverty is as big threat to their subscriber base as Netflix. Duhpartment of Research: What do cats do all day? Mostly sleep and rest. World’s Oldest Known Museum: Turns out to have been in ancient Babylonia. Views of Vegas: From the Strip and […]

Mulholland Shorties

Published on February 23, 2011 By bmagnus

Was I Wrong About Rahm?: He’s not even sworn in yet, and he’s announced that something he wants to do is enlarge a good old-fashioned public works project! Granted, it’s just bike lanes, but it will put people to work and help other people get around when it’s done. Food Insecurity is just a fancy […]