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On Yoga

Published on July 25, 2015 By bmagnus

I know exactly two true things about yoga: Any pose can be done better. The pose you hate most is the one you need most. If I hear one more person misinterpret yoga as light stretching, I may just challenge them to get into some choice poses with me. It’s a better reaction than violence. And […]

I’m going to say this again

Published on March 29, 2015 By bmagnus

One more time, nice and slow, since some people don’t get it. Never put anything online that you wouldn’t read out loud or show to your mother, your boss, and a judge. And, let me add, that includes video. In Closing: making us less safe; still true; liberal news media; the Slammer; yoga and more yoga; […]

Every Afternoon

Published on January 31, 2015 By bmagnus

  Translation: Every Afternoon in Grenada, Every Afternoon a Child Dies. Here in Las Vegas, our Child Protective Services office is under fire. Here’s a dead baby found incidental to police serving another warrant. Here’s a boy beaten to death for lying about reading some Bible verses — sadly, school officials alerted CPS to a […]

Sign of the Times

Published on January 15, 2015 By bmagnus

“Vintage Antiques? Well, honestly I was hoping you had some brand new antiques!” In Closing: sick and tired; CISPA is back from the dead; “Lack of exercise responsible for twice as many early deaths as obesity”; ok ok, we’ll tell you what the NSA is doing, but we aren’t planning on stopping; institutional sexism; a third […]

Exercise is a Good Habit too

Published on January 3, 2015 By bmagnus

Did you know that regular exercise is associated with a lower risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and being overweight? You probably did. Did you also know it can prevent bone loss as you get older? Maybe you just don’t know how to get started without spending a lot of money on […]

The Shorties Man

Published on November 4, 2014 By bmagnus

Federal Judge uses Common Sense: It is super effective. Net Neutrality: It’s not dead yet. Our waning privacy: The FBI is trying to scare Congress. The NSA might find themselves near the end of their leash (a girl can dream). Strangest thing you’re likely to read today: I promise. Ok, maybe it’s not a magic […]

Need new workout clothes?

Published on April 10, 2014 By bmagnus

I am not getting paid a dime to say this, but I like Champion workout clothing. Let me tell you why. I was sold on the original Champion JogBra years ago. It has since been replaced by higher-tech even-lower-bounce products. In certain activities, it’s very important that The Girls don’t move around too much. Some of […]

An apology and explanation, of sorts

Published on December 31, 2013 By bmagnus

A few weeks ago, I needed to buy cat food and cat litter. I was in a little bit of a hurry that particular day, so when I found there were no carts inside the pet supply store, I did not return to the parking lot to search for one. I casually picked up a […]

Strange Epidemic

Published on September 29, 2013 By bmagnus

In the last week, I’ve read two completely unrelated stories about two women who came down with one very rare but very serious medical condition while participating in the same activity. That’s the kind of coincidence I don’t like hearing about. The condition: Rhabdomyolysis. I’ll let WebMD tell you more about it, emphasis mine: Rhabdomyolysis is a […]

Just How Much do We Value Privacy?

Published on June 18, 2013 By bmagnus

It has become clear that the United States government is spying on it’s citizens in the name of preventing “terrorism.” Just exactly what they are doing is under debate. Most experts outside the government itself seem to believe it is mathematically impossible for such surveillance to be effective. Many private citizens are asking what they can […]