George Bailey and the Truth about Goal Setting

Once again it is Christmastime, and that means once again it is time to watch It’s a Wonderful Life. Terrific story about how we’re all in this together and everybody has an impact on everybody else. If you’ve never seen it, you should seek it out. Without George Bailey, the whole world changes: Billy Bailey dies, Old Man Gower goes to prison for accidentally killing somebody with a mis-filled prescription, Mary Hatch becomes a lonely librarian, an entire platoon of soldiers dies, and a Bedford Falls turns into Pottersville.

But there’s another story too. George has goals, and he works hard towards them. He saves money to travel and go to college. He makes plans to build grand things. He knows what he’s going to do with his life! And when things go wrong, he does the right thing. So he saves money all over again to go on a fabulous honeymoon with his wife. And when things go wrong again he does the right thing. As the angel says “You’ve probably guessed that George never makes it out of Bedford Falls.”

You can make all the goals you like. You can work towards them every day. You can overcome adversity. But when all is said and done, remember that reality controls you and not the other way around.

In Closing: Now that’s sick.

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Music Monday: Happy Birthday from The King, to The King.

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Yes, I am aware that the historical Jesus was most likely born in the Springtime. Stop being a Grinch.

When I was in college, I had a job working as a church musician. I eventually worked my way up to Music Minister. Every year we had an evening service on Christmas Eve. At the end, everybody would have lit candles, the lights would be turned off, and we would sing Silent Night. After the first year, I remembered to have my own light on the piano so I could see the music! Things evolved over time. I started bringing frankincense and myrrh incense from a curiosity shop near my home owned by this guy. And I don’t know whose idea it was, but the last few years I was there after Silent Night we would sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and have a birthday cake.