Bonus Music: Funky!

More here. I particularly like the fact that this wasn’t just a production of the dance team and assorted Pretty People. Yeah, even a Fort Worth girl can appreciate what they did in Dallas.

In Closing: Yay, we’re last; scarfgate debunked; not a fan of Obamacare, but I did come out ahead; all those poor people taking advantage of the law!; not sure what to say; yeah; on moral agency.

Music Monday: Somebody get that man a coaster

Ok, I have a soft spot for Bruno Mars. Sure, this one is a lot of “noodling on the piano being sad about getting dumped” and isn’t that Adele’s shtick? But listen a little more closely and you’ll hear far more complex harmonies (seventh chords, secondary dominants, and deceptive cadences oh my!), and actual use of volume beyond the master fader.

Edit: Sorry there was a problem with the embed. Fixed now!

But really, the best video of his is this one, an “alternate” version of the Lazy Song featuring Leonard Nimoy.