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Blood Moon Tonight

Published on April 14, 2014 By bmagnus

Seriously.   Expect apocalyptic nut jobs at all times; remind yourself that for all the predictions, the world has yet to end.

Beneath the Shorties

Published on October 18, 2012 By bmagnus

LOL: Enjoy this meme while you can, I figure it’s dead in 3 weeks. They just keep coming: Remember, the plot to kill Big Bird is still in play. There’s a Million Muppet March planned. Twelve! Meeeeelion! Jobs!!!: Yeah, so? Get it off me! Get it get it get it….: Is it just me, or does Mr. Romney look […]

Over the Milky Way Tonight

Published on July 7, 2012 By bmagnus

Once upon a time, there was a divine, weaving princess. She spent much time weaving, and was sad that it left her no time for love. So her father arranged for her to meet the cow-herder of the stars. They immediately fell in love and spent all their time together. However, this meant the divine […]

Just What We Don’t Need

Published on May 7, 2012 By bmagnus

Back in February, I said this: Recently, people have been having a lot of success losing weight on a gluten free diet. It worked because people on these diets knew they couldn’t eat cookies, candies and cakes. They know that they have to look carefully in ingredient lists for things that might contain gluten, and for […]

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