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Harvest Time is Upon Us!

Published on September 7, 2014 By bmagnus

And apparently, nothing says “autumn” to my local store than pumpkins and lots of boxed wine! Or perhaps you’d prefer the hard stuff? Drink that much Jack, and you’ll need the tombstone! As the nice lady sang, “Cheers to the freakin weekend! I’ll drink to that.” In Closing: personality test; Carlin; what could possibly go […]

We don’t want any trouble

Published on April 25, 2013 By bmagnus

Nobody wants to live in a bad neighborhood, right? And certainly nobody wants to live in the kind of place where the police are continually coming around. But consider this situation. Imagine you get beaten up. As bad luck would have it, it happens a couple more times. The third time, the cops call your landlord […]

I think the bacon thing has gone too far. Again.

Published on November 3, 2012 By bmagnus

I like bacon as much as the next omnivore. And I like bourbon. I just don’t think I want to consume them at the same time.

I’ll pass on the candy booze, thanks.

Published on June 6, 2012 By bmagnus

Ok, let’s talk about these damned flavored vodkas. I’m not talking about old fashioned infusions you might find lovingly prepared at better bars, I’m talking about the artificially colored/flavored junk cluttering up the shelves at my local liquor store. It’s getting stupid out there. Many of the fruit ones taste like freakin cough syrup (I’m […]

The Decline of the Butcher Counter

Published on April 14, 2012 By bmagnus

When I was a kid, any decent grocery store had a butcher counter. The butcher was there every day. He could help you pick a cut of meat for your recipe, or grind some beef for you, or get “specialty cuts” for you. If you only needed a small roast and all that was out […]

Shorties Night 3D

Published on December 17, 2011 By bmagnus

Ok, I’m all tabbed up so let’s get rolling! Not sure what to think: Ron Paul wants to make sure kids aren’t subjected to mandatory mental health screenings. On one hand I don’t want to see kids needlessly medicated. On the other hand, I know people who really could have and should have been diagnosed […]

Ignore Them

Published on April 5, 2011 By bmagnus

I am completely disgusted with pretty much all politicians, and even more so with politicians that try to position themselves as “I’m a [insert noun] first, not just another politician.” Those ones are dangerous because half the time they don’t understand what the heck they are dealing with. I’m talking to you, Dr. Joe Heck! […]

Mulholland Shorties

Published on February 23, 2011 By bmagnus

Was I Wrong About Rahm?: He’s not even sworn in yet, and he’s announced that something he wants to do is enlarge a good old-fashioned public works project! Granted, it’s just bike lanes, but it will put people to work and help other people get around when it’s done. Food Insecurity is just a fancy […]

Shorties in the Sky

Published on October 19, 2010 By bmagnus

Impressive: America needs roughly $2,200,000,000,000 in repairs to things like roads, tunnels, bridges and the like. You don’t suppose doing something like that might result in some kind of fiscal stimulus? Stick to feeding the poor and preaching peace: young people increasingly turned off by the hateful political crap spewed by many churches. Do Not […]

Reform. For Freedom.

Published on February 4, 2010 By bmagnus

We have officially gotten to the point where corporations control us. They control how much money we are allowed to make. They control our finances on the national, international, and personal level — badly. They control our health care in a system that is doomed to collapse under the weight of its own expense real […]