In just one week….

Our national nightmare of Election 2016 will be over one way or the other.


Not sharing how I voted, only want to encourage all of you to (in the immortal words of Nike), “Just Do It.” Once and only once. Assuming you are alive. No selfies.

In closing: Apple; no, you’re not even allowed to explore another culture’s traditions or fashions or Halloween (again, only if you’re a woman, nobody’s ragging on guys with tartans or topknots); and oh Weiner.

Music Monday: Changes Everything (a Halloween lack of remix)

Dance with it girl

On the surface, this is a sweet song about a girl who doesn’t have a bunch of money, but she still dresses like it’s date night to dance with her honey to songs on the radio.

But I seriously misheard the lyrics. And it makes sense this way….

Dat’s a dead girl

She was killed in a night club shooting (“Badda bang bang”), but her ghost keeps showing up at the night club to dance (“I can see your energy”). She doesn’t need money because ghosts don’t pay cover charges or buy drinks. The guy who was with her that night still shows up at the club sometimes because he misses her so (“worth more than diamonds, more than gold”).

Happy Halloween (and Nevada Day).