If you say so

This was taken in the gymnasium of a nearby school. In reality, the Women’s Restroom is beyond the drinking fountains to which the sign points. Nevertheless, it’s amusing.

In closing is mostly economics today: Oh where, oh where has my health data gone? oh where, oh where could it be?; unemployment is up, even the way the Department of Labor measures it, in the biggest jump since the Reagan Administration; nevertheless some companies want to hire cheap immigrant highly skilled foreign workers; the real Misery Index is miserable; Robert Reich on the need for a real stimulus package, not just spewing some checks and hoping the economy gets better; Dyre on McCain thinking warrant-free wiretaps are just fine and dandy; a really touching picture that gives me a lot of insight into their relationship; and turning customs agents into DMCA enforcers. We had to learn from an Irish news source that “an international copyright treaty being formulated by the US, EU, Canada, Japan and Australia” in its proposed form “could see customs officers checking media players for pirated material”. Now tell me this: how exactly can the customs officer prove you don’t legitimately own the CD at home? I don’t know about you, but I would rather that customs officers spent their limited time and resources trying to keep genuine contraband such as drugs and weapons from moving across borders, rather than checking iPods.

Have a great weekend, folks.

Happy Memorial Day

Picture of the Washington Memorial courtesy of Royalty Free Clip Art.

Celebrate with the last living American Veteran of World War I The Great War. But if you are going to celebrate with the President, the Secret Service would like you to leave your dogtags (and anything you could conceivably use as a weapon) in the barracks.

In closing: Will work; why is oil so expensive, take one and take two (if you said “because we’re not digging up the ANWR” or “because of OPEC” you’d be wrong); MegaPenny project; Old Time Radio; that’s how you invoke Bobby Kennedy; job cuts aren’t just for the little people anymore; when the world’s richest man says we’re in a recession, you’d better listen; heathens don’t drive Fords; Interesting translations; and Stationmaster Tama is back in the news, with a prosh photo over at Cute Overload to boot. Yes, Tama-san is still a cat. Not enough Japan for you? Then stock up on sake and rice crackers; ABC is filming a game show called “I Survived a Japanese Game Show.”

Glad the price wasn’t in pounds.


I took this picture last year as all those little kiosk shops in the mall were trying to get rid of inventory before closing down for the year. Clearly they were selling “bootie” style slippers, rather than women’s derrières. If you need more evil pictures for Christmastime, try these.

In closing: too big to fail by design; steakhouse economics; Hooverville Reborn; top 10 gadgets of the year; it’s going to be a long time before anybody names a child Katrina; a run on the food bank; home is where the heart is even when you are “homeless”; David Sirota on the conspiracy of conspiracy theories; and finally, maybe we’ve been too hard on Congress. Maybe.

Hope everybody had a great Hanukkah and Solstice, hope everyone will have a great Christmas and Kwanzaa and whatever else you celebrate!