Follow Up on Anti-Abortion Terrorism

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Summary of right-wing opinions from Incertus (thanks to them for reading this crap so I don’t have to).

At least the AG is taking this seriously.

I am seriously amazed that there are people who think it’s ok to kill somebody — anybody — for what amounts to a philosophical disagreement. To do this in the middle of a religious service adds insult to injury. What’s to stop these people from killing “sluts” to prevent them from someday maybe having abortions? When is the rest of the nation going to stop calling them “pro-life” and start calling them what they are: Anti-Abortion Terrorists.

It is also becoming clear that there was at the least an informal conspiracy at work. Let’s hope the Obama Administration has the guts to use all the invasive anti-terror tools the Bush Administration provided them.

Oh, and as a free point, REAL ID wouldn’t even have slowed this guy down.

In Closing: please congratulate my state on their shiny new domestic partnership law (we are going to have such faaaaaabulous ceremonies in Vegas!); blast from the computing past; rape is still a pandemic in Liberia, with even old women and babies being violently assaulted; some people think the mortgage meltdown is only beginning; and the mystery of the cat. (I know, Iz no mstry, U gives cat cheezburger!)