I want to shut up…

… about Sarah Palin.

I really do.

But here’s today’s Sarahfilter:

Robert Reich on vetting of candidates

Alternet on her lies, her daughter’s pregnancy, distracting the Democrats, Alaskan oil payola, fetal rights, and inadvertent sex-ed for any youngster that happens to watch the news. We wouldn’t want kids educated about current events, would we?

Some really thoughtful stuff from the Freakonomics guys on teen pregnancy.

The Earth-Bound Misfit on the Alaska Independence Party — of which Sarah Palin is not just a sympathizer, she’s a member.  America first?  In what way?

Hilarious analysis of her speech by Roy Edroso.

HuffPo (yeah, I know I swore off them) on her religious views — with video of the lady herself speaking before the congregation about the spiritual side of the War on Terror. Susie asks “why is it again that we care more about her pregnant daughter than her clear inability to separate church and state?”

A succinct statement on double-standards from Mercury Rising.

And the National Enquirer is set to break news about Ms. Palin’s extramarital affair.

Now, a couple of those links mention Ms. Palin’s 8 hour flight after her water broke, while she was in labor, prematurely, at the end of a geriatric pregnancy, with a baby with known birth defects, to deliver at a relatively small Alaskan hospital, despite the fact that she started the journey minutes away from a top-notch medical center in Texas.  This should cause any woman who has actually been in labor to be baffled.  This only makes sence if one of two things are true:  either she had to return to Alaska because that’s where Bristol was having the baby (and the “currently 5 months along” is a lie, but what’s one more lie?); or the baby had to be born in Alaska so he would be a “native born” Alaska citizen should the Alaska Independence Party actually successfully secede.

In closing: The Drop-Off; A true comic; a not true comic; an I hope it’s not true comic; Wall Street decides the sky is falling (don’t blink, tomorrow they will think all is well); at least oil prices may return to rational levels, although I doubt gas prices will fall below $3 per gallon in the foreseeable future; health insurance and health care are different things.

I sure hope I am done talking about Sarah Palin forever.

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