Before the Devil Knows You’re Shorties

Taser Follow Up and Then Some: True stories and film compiled by an Earth-Bound Misfit.

Taking Stuff Away: We aren’t even secure from the people who are supposed to be insuring our transportation Security.

So much for the Republicans being the party of fiscal restraint: Deficit at record levels. At least “tax and spend liberals” have the money before they go spending it.

Maybe striking the head of the snake is a bad strategy: Chicago braces for “a long, bloody summer” after “a deadly breakdown in discipline among gang members after a crackdown over the past few years put many of their leaders behind bars.” With no leaders, rank and file are left to their own deadly devices. Ultimately, disorganized crime is proving more dangerous than organized crime. Of course, it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with an influx of inexperienced gang members as legit jobs become more scarce, could it?

“It is never a good thing if many of your customers can no longer afford what you are selling.”: The topic is Health Insurance. More about that topic here and here.

Wow, who spiked his Kool-Aid with Rational Juice?: Defense Secretary William Gates says we should try to avoid getting into another Middle East war, that we should think and use “loyal dissent when the situation calls for it,” and that he feels personally responsible for all those young men and women at West Point.

Someone’s in the kitchen with Tama, Someone’s in the kitchen I know….: Sumimasen, eki-chou wa neko desu! [Excuse me sir, the station master is a cat!] Why are you surprised? Cats end up in all sorts of professions these days.

Speaking of the Japanese: A robot built by Honda will conduct the Detroit Symphony.

Judge finally decides that subpoenas are a good thing: What part of “The Fourth Amendment says you need a search warrant and FISA says you can even get the damn thing 3 days after the fact” was it that was giving you trouble?

Burma hasn’t gone away: The Junta is still in charge.

Slow Motion Business Implosion: Sure, you can buy a gizmo that makes an annoying sound only teenagers can hear, and it will keep them away from your place of business. And you know what? They will remember that 10 or 20 years from now when they are your target demographic. For that matter, are the prevented fights worth the prevented sales from keeping them away from the mall?

Middle Path: Ok, marrying off and/or impregnating girls as young as 12 is a bad idea. But is there a shred of evidence that any boys or any kids younger than puberty have been abused in any way? Save yourself and Child Protective Services a big headache, Your Honor, and once the DNA tests are done send everyone under the age of 10 home.

An interesting program [probably not] coming to a community college near you: Pre-Ninja Studies.

Great timing there, Senator: John McCain picks a heckuva time, Brownie, to condemn the government handling of Hurricane Katrina. Somehow I think that is not what he was thinking in this picture.

It took a man to reclaim feminism: Shaun Mullen on why Hillary is not a feminist.

The Shoes! We may no longer be able to control shoe costs by just shipping production to a cheaper country.

Insert appropriate Homer Simpson noise here: Beer prices on the rise, just like everything else.

Become part of the regulatory process: Start Here.

And that’s it for this, the anniversary of the Trojan Horse. Peace, Out!

2 thoughts on “Before the Devil Knows You’re Shorties”

  1. You continue to provide outstanding links. I found the Alternet links regarding health care and the Unbossed link regarding the regulatory process particularly useful.

  2. “The Deadliest Mimes”… LOL…

    Interesting juxtaposition of ideas: out of control tazing, “Security” agents’ thievery, and para military operations to seize children from their parents (I guess there is no longer religious exemption.) And let’s not forget “fill in the most convenient date” search warrants. Do I sense a common thread?

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