Mothers Day Blogswarm for Maternal Death

On Mothers’ Day you will find both the ShortWoman and the ArchCrone at the head of a parade. This parade is a protest to another procession, that one a publicity stunt designed to bring attention to the babies fetuses and embryos killed involved in a terminated pregnancy. Although I encourage you to read it all, here’s a choice quote from the ArchCrone herself:

Never do you see the crosses and funeral processions for the WOMEN that DIED from forced pregnancies (coerced through legislation and/or misinformation or lack of abortion providers). Never do you see crosses and funeral processions for the mothers and infants that die from their mother’s lack of adequate health care.


What should have happened is that women who died from pregnancy should be honored on Mother’s Day. It’s a damn shame that these people refuse to help the living.

Well, comments ensued, and it has been resolved that we will honor the women who died from pregnancy. We will honor the lives ruined or outright ended by forced pregnancy. We will honor the children brought into this world to unwilling or unable parents.

They have chosen to honor those who only had the potential of life; we will instead honor the living and the women who died unnecessarily.

Any blogger who wants to join the parade, please leave your email and url in comments or use the ArchCrone’s contact page, which is private. Comments here are moderated, so it won’t be going to the general public if you haven’t posted here before. Although some general posts will be needed, we absolutely need posts that focus on a specific sub-issue, such as Darfur or South Dakota or parental consent laws or the availability of physicians (a list of suggestions is in the works, and it can be emailed to you). We will publish a parade roster a few days before the event.

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