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Well, Dyre42 of Dyre Portents has been so *ahem* kind as to tag me with the following meme:

So here’s the rules of the Meme:

1. Pick up the nearest book ( of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

Boy is he gonna be sorry he did that.

From page 123 of the nearest book:

Kekkon suru, vb. get married.

Kekkyoku, adv. eventually.

Kemui, kemutai, adj. 1. smoky. 2. ill at ease.

Not as fun as Dyre’s selection, now is it? My apologies that the kanji didn’t come out right; WordPress doesn’t seem to like Asian characters. I hereby tag The Archcrone, Brilliant Jill, Maya’s Granny (who I know has really interesting books!), Elisa Camahort, and — the only guy on the list — JurassicPork .

And that list brings me to the next item on today’s agenda, Blogroll Amnesty Day.

There seem to be conflicting reports on where this tradition comes from, but Skippy takes credit, explaining:

[A]ny blog that has linked to skippy and has not received a reciprocal blogroll link will now be included on our roll! all you have to do is notify us in our comments section or email us, and we will happily include you! that will show those big shot elitists too good for the little guy blogs! ha!

I for one am also using it as a blogroll cleaning day. In addition to inviting new blogroll members, I will be cleaning out oldies but no-longer-goodies (as much as I hate to admit that Fafblog! is never coming back. *sniff*). There are also a couple of urls to update, such as noting Expert Ezra‘s full-time migration to a new site. After my little cleanup, the next order of business will be to add some of the things I have started reading regularly. This includes Dyre (who tagged me) and several of the people I just tagged. Other new entries in my blogroll include AmericaBlog, SharkFu (many thanks to Maya’s Granny, without whom I would never have even thought to read her), BuzzFlash, Cogitamus (Ezra’s former posse; it’s Latin for “we think”), Donklephant, Carrie’s Nation, the BondDad, Confessions of a Community College Dean, Hello Kitty Hell, GamePolitics.com, The Daily Kitten, EconoSpeak (the former MaxSpeak crew), Freakonomics, Homeland Stupidity, I can has Cheezburger, Independent Liberal, Poligazette, by way of balance Marginal Revolution, The Market Oracle, Mahablog, Last Left before Hooterville (I love the name, dahling!), Kiko-san no uchi, Paul Krugman, Preemptive Karma, Bruce Schneier, Shorty Stories, Unbossed, and EconBrowser.

And in closing, a little smörgåsbord that includes some choice morsels from my new blogroll members: Unbossed on the Civil Rights Act of 2008; Marginal Revolution on What would it cost to cover the uninsured?; Cogitamus on Profiles in Uninsured; GamePolitics on a game for the bibliophile in your life; AmericaBlog on the latest polls; The Crone Speaks on the most helpless victims of foreclosure; TheStreet.com on Unstoppable Moms; and three incredible people.

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