Ground Breaking Research?

In other news, kittens are cute.

Some Canadian researches have determined that ” Female tutors best for boys’ reading.” More:

Herb Katz, an education professor at the University of Alberta, took 175 boys in the third and fourth grades, identified as struggling readers, and paired them with a research assistant who worked on their reading skills for 30 minutes a week over 10 weeks.On average, the boys paired with female tutors felt better about their reading skills after the 10 weeks than those who were coached by a male research assistant, the study found.

That’s right, Mr. Katz did not actually determine that the boys read better, just that they felt better about their reading skills. Clearly an educational breakthrough. With educational “research” like this, who needs enemies?

In closing: evidence and supply-siders don’t mix; more on the haves and have-nots; more on wiretaps, one and two; the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a whole bag of SHHH! for you; Bruce Schneier is right about the importance of emergency communications; that bankruptcy “reform” bill in 2005 screwed today’s subprime mortgage borrowers; I like Mr. Kucinich too; and last, Congress is protecting that pedophile pervert @$$h47 Mark Foley. You remember him? The guy who was propositioning underage Congressional pages for a decade or so? Disgusting.

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