The Grown-Up in the House

Here’s just a little round-up of things people are saying about John Boehner’s resignation. The consensus is that now there is no “adult supervision” of Republicans in the House of Representatives. It’s looking more and more like the House is headed towards the river on the road where there’s no bridge. I sure hope those Duke boys know how to fly.

In Closing: There are folks out there still trying to ram the TPP through before anybody can ask pesky questions like “what’s in it”; in which an economist slaps down the political blogger; on inflation; even diet experts disagree about diet (except for a handful of obvious facts like “veggies are good for you,” “drink enough water,” and “too much sugar is bad for you”); and it’s the Supreme Court!

One thought on “The Grown-Up in the House”

  1. Saw a lamestream article about the meeting currently being held to hash out some of the details in order to get more signatories from (soon-to-be-former) nations as they get ready to sacrifice their national sovereignty. Most of the hangups involve protecting monopoly rights of pharmaceutical co.s and the length of time for those protections…. little things like how hard you can work the peasants and despoil the landscape have all been easily swept aside.

    the last paragraph of the article is the most telling as

    “ (the TPP) sets up dispute resolution guidelines between governments and foreign investors separate from national courts”

    so…. pesky labor or environmental protection laws cutting into the bottom line? Not to worry! The taxpayers of the “offending” nation would be happy to pay those “damages”.

    and the precedent for bypassing national laws and regulations? the far reaching implications! I fear for our rights, and our constitutional protections.

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