Trying to Trick Me

It’s important to read labels: IMG_20130512_103726


Hmmm, a whole section of oatmeal! Unless of course you want plain old fashioned instant oatmeal. In that case, enjoy your grits!

In Closing: Crap like this is one of many reasons Congress should read out loud every bill they vote on; I guess the sequester is working =/; for pity sake, do not jaywalk in Vegas (all those pedestrian overpasses are there for a reason!); if I may use a one word answerno; this sucks; Rolling Jubilee is back in the news; and inspirational.

One thought on “Trying to Trick Me”

  1. No, cameras won’t make schools safer.

    But there is another reason: I was involved in a case where two students in a school were suspended for fighting. The schools there had cameras in some of the halls. The recording showed what really happened: One kid walked up behind the other and then punched the other kid in the side of the head, knocking him to the floor. The second kid got up and defended himself. That’s when the teachers showed up and all they saw was two kids fighting.

    Because of the recording, the second kid’s record was cleared. The first kid, on the other hand, was arrested and charged with assault.

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