Music Monday: He would have turned 257 yesterday

Rock me, Amadeus.


In closing: as true as this is, the other half of the solution involves prison time for supervisors and managers that ignore the law; facts can be twisted; work out before breakfast; how to cancel almost anything; hahahahahaha what planet are they from that they think doctors set their own prices??; 150 things really smart people are worried about; what kind of moron texts his girlfriend to say the baby isn’t breathing instead of calling 911??; deadliest jobs in America; Fluffy’s Dream Home.

One thought on “Music Monday: He would have turned 257 yesterday”

  1. Just an observation. I’m pleased to see that quite a few of these ultra smart people believe that we worry too much. My gentleman friend has been telling me that for a long time. Hmm. He’s a pretty smart cookie.

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