40 Years Later

The Roe v. Wade ruling turns 40 today. Most of us think that’s a good thing. If I may be blunt, this would have been the alternative to a safe abortion for many women:


Hmm, not as warm and fuzzy as adoption or a happy little family, now is it?

You want to prevent abortions? Prevent unwanted pregnancies! Lobby for widely available contraception, prevention of sexual assault, research into the prevention of birth defects, a better economy so women feel they can feed and care for a[nother] child, and stop with the bullshit.

There is no In Closing today.

One thought on “40 Years Later”

  1. Last year a woman wearing a T-shirt that read “If I wanted the government in my womb, I’d f— a senator” on an American Airlines flight was told to cover up
    -from NBC news

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