Music Monday: Happy New Year


In Closing: My new favorite blog; disgraceful; AC saves lives; damned if he doesn’t sound reasonable; no deal may well be better than a bad deal, but it doesn’t matter because there will be no vote tonight; yeah, that does sound kinda dumb when you put it that way; Baby Boomer Nuns; they wouldn’t be there if they could farm it legally; we never had a chance; even a broken clock is right twice a day; and somebody must write a sci-fi epic based on this picture.

One thought on “Music Monday: Happy New Year”

  1. As for “arming” teachers: this in my opinion, shouldn’t be an active thing. As citizens, exercising their 2a rights if they feel competant and willing, this right to self protection should not be infringed. Would you like personal autonomy in your society, or would you care for your every action to be dictated for you? Liberty requires constant vigilence against evil, and injustice

    And for the Mad blogger: When carrying a weapon, as a 2A blogger stated recently, one should become a different person; one who AVOIDS conflict. Human emotion being what it is, the time for debate and argument is after one’s weapon has been secured.

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