3 thoughts on “Music Monday: Only a Few Shopping Days Left”

  1. Since gun-control legislation is difficult, in terms of political survival and law-enforcement, not to mention having to deal with SCOTUS viz-a-viz that pesky 2nd Amendment, the next logical step is for anti-gun nuts to make gun ownership prohibitively expensive. (“Anti-gun nuts”, you say? see all of the comments in the articles about Sandy Hook where these folks call for the assasination of NRA officials and gun enthusiasts in general.)

    I suggest that along with Gun-insurance (otherwise known as 2nd amendment rights for the rich only) we institute Free Speech insurance: payment occurs when one’s exercise of the 1st amendment results in an infringement of another’s 2A rights

  2. A woman calling for more barriers to gun ownership and her own self defense is like a chicken promoting Colonel Sander….

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