Be Afraid of Everything

Ok, seriously. Our obsession with terrorism has veered off into paranoia.

Two unidentified “U.S. security officials” says we need to be afraid of terrorists with implanted explosives, and the TSA director agrees that this is a possible concern — adding that there’s not a damn thing even the nudie scanners and patdowns that violate some states’ sexual assault laws can do about it.

Never mind the fact that such a bomb is much more likely to shower bystanders with gore than actually kill them. Don’t let reality stand in the way of losing some more civil liberties; after all it’s for our safety!


In Closing: more than you really wanted to know about the fake budget crisis, the economy, Republicans, and how politicians plan to screw you out of Social Security; Heinlein; stupid products for children; and camels at the oasis.

2 thoughts on “Be Afraid of Everything”

  1. I’m far more terrified by what the radical Christian theocrats who seem to be behind this mess of fear mongering (the end is coming, sky is falling, be afraid, be very afraid, give up your right to privacy, Big Brother is good for you b.s.) than any terrorist threat. This doesn’t mean terrorist threats are not real, but all the money put into fear central could be better used to employ state of the art 21st Century information warfare techniques rather than on this crap and endless war. Sigh. Thanks.

  2. Lovely toys for little girls aren’t they? Maybe they could market them as ‘Toys For Twats’! Strippers make lots of $$$$. Whoever came up with these little items is in serious need of help. We’ve come a long way from Tiny Tears and Betsy Wetsy!

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