Red Riding Shorties

In other news, sky blue, water wet: The cable industry recognizes that poverty is as big threat to their subscriber base as Netflix.

Duhpartment of Research: What do cats do all day? Mostly sleep and rest.

World’s Oldest Known Museum: Turns out to have been in ancient Babylonia.

Views of Vegas: From the Strip and from one of the mountains north of town.

Couldn’t have anything to do with it: Worker’s share of national income is plunging faster than a supermodel’s neckline.

Congress Can’t Outlaw What They Aren’t Told About: surveillance programs go unnoticed. It’s a bad thing.

Cancer Needs Sugar to Survive: Low carb diets prevent cancer.

Sure Would Be Handy: Let’s see, we have lots of unemployed people, and we have roads to fix, schools to build, and lots of infrastucture that needs to be constructed or repaired. Gee, why don’t we try putting those things together??? Aw, that’s crazy talk.

If you say so: Has anybody come up with a really good use for these things? Lots of people say I need them and then they can’t explain why.

Can’t Resist: I know I said it earlier elsewhere, but HA HA! Righthaven smacked down! Yes, the source of that article was intentionally ironic.

2 thoughts on “Red Riding Shorties”

  1. I have followed the Quick Response tag-type tech from the early days (thinking that this technology will indeed grow wings) NEOM or Neomedia held a patent either for this very widget or a predecessor/competitor.

    The CEO tried to bring it to the medical field along with proprietary electronic medical records equipment and software. Unfortunately, that same CEO couldn’t get enough airspeed and leased out (and finally lost?) the technology trying to keep the company afloat (he even bought an oil well along the way…)

    A picture in a magazine can lead to an online purchase via the reader lens in your Ipad,cell phone, e-book etc….

    (I wonder when you will see them on your new National ID?)

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