Yeah, Right. I Totally Believe That.

You know I try to avoid local interest stories, but this is a big one.

Ok, now listen to that and ask yourself if that sounds like 7 officers — court officers, cops, marshals,  an FBI agent — taking on and killing one lone gunman, taking 81 shots to do so. Because that is what the officials want us to think happened the other day at the Federal Building and Courthouse in Las Vegas.

Despite early eyewitness reports that there were perhaps as many as 4 gunmen, official sources now insist that Johnny Lee Wicks acted alone, in an apparent suicide mission, because he was mad that his Social Security benefits case had been dismissed 11 months ago. But we have one dead court officer, and one dead bad guy, so it’s very convenient if they can convince us that’s what happened.

If it’s really true, all those officers need to go back for additional weapons training. No excuses for needing 81 bullets to kill one suicidal ex-con with a 12-gauge shotgun.

In Closing: If universities are having so much trouble making ends meet, why do they still spend lots of money on sports programs (which educate thousands of young people — mostly men — for hundreds of available jobs)?; you know things are messed up when I am happy to report that the economy only lost 84,000 jobs last month; speaking of which, 1 out of every 5 manufacturing jobs from 2006 no longer exist; Seattle is to Teriyaki as Chicago is to Hotdogs; let your Congressmouse know that you care about the MOTHERS Act (like they care what we think, but hey); “death panels” do exist, if you’re a dog (similar situations probably exist among medicines for humans, I am just thankful to have no direct knowledge); why grad school (other than to get a job at a university); the Senate health insurance reform bill just keeps getting worse; and the real threat to the Democratic Party.

6 thoughts on “Yeah, Right. I Totally Believe That.”

  1. Ah yes, the sacred cow of college athletics. The argument FOR them is that ‘they bring in lots of revenue from the alums and the boosters’. I can’t help but wonder if what they take IN is equal to what they lay OUT. I doubt it.

  2. The post I linked to spells it out: few NCAA programs are profitable, and NO programs at smaller schools are profitable.

  3. Listening to the recording it sounds as if the shotgun is expended (ten shots or so) then a pause (gunman is reloading? already shot?) The pause is followed by twelve or fourteen shots by small arms (not a shotgun) and is most probably the cops’ final and assuring the elimination of the threat. Perhaps a little heavy handed at the end… oportunistic assasination of a suspect (“hey it was in the heat of battle”) or was it a heat-of-the-moment situation where your reflex is driven by the situation of someone shooting at you, and guns roar around you, you shoot too?

    tea-baggers? reloaders? lots of folks are restless with the gubmint these days… unfortunately the guys that protect us from the run of the mill whackos and criminals are the front line for the bigger criminals. (and nice beaurocrats too.)

    1. Apparently the shooter did have time to reload his shotgun. Also, I have it on good authority that only a handful of bullets hit the shooter. Just shameful!

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